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「訳者登場!★ 」

Grimm's Japanese to English Translation

訳者登場!Japanese to English Translation by Grimm
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Japanese to English translation of drama CDs, text, video clips, audio, etc.
& sunny skies from now 'til forever

› 『男なら 誰かのために強くなれ
歯を食いしばって 思いっきり守り抜け
転んでもいいよ また立ち上がればいい
ただそれだけ できれば
英雄さ』 : : 「英雄」 : : doa

grimmfeather → the Japanese to English translation journal of summer_sierra

› purpose → to make free translations of Japanese content available and simultaneously hone my Japanese skills!

› media → drama cds, text, video clips, audio, etc.

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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”—Cicero

“Like most other things not apparently useful to man, it [the twining lily, Stropholirion Californicum] has few friends, and the blind question, ‘Why was it made?’ goes on and on with never a guess that first of all it might have been made for itself.”—John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra

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